Ways Regular Maintenance Work can Prevent Furnace Repair in PA

by | Mar 10, 2014 | Plumbing Fixture Installation And Repair

One of the best ways to avoid the need for Furnace Repair in PA is by making sure to keep the system properly maintained throughout the year. In most cases, a furnace will need to have maintenance work done in the weeks prior to the start of the cold season when the unit will be used on a frequent basis. In handling this ahead of time, any problems the unit may be developing can be discovered and corrected before they cause major problems, which are time consuming and costly to repair.

When performing routine maintenance on a unit, one of the most important things to be done is cleaning the blower unit on the system. The blower unit on the system is where air is pulled in to the system and then sent back out once it has been heated. During this process, a lot of dirt can be pulled in to the unit as well. Most units have an air filter to trap the bulk of this dirt. However, some dirt will gather around and inside the unit. This should be vacuumed and the air filter should be replaced.

The motor on the blower is generally wired directly to the electricity in the home. This should be checked to ensure the wiring is in good condition and the connections are secure. This will help in preventing shorts, which can cause damage to the system as well as the home in general. The motor may require oil to keep the bearings inside the motor from locking up. If the bearings lock up the motor may burn out and this will generally require a homeowner to call a company who handles Furnace Repair in PA to replace the motor.

The fan on the blower should be inspected and replaced if necessary. A technician from a repair company, like Horizon Services Inc. – Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning will be able to handle this quickly and will check the condition of the fan belt as well.

Finally, the burner on the unit will need to be inspected. The flames on the burner should be blue and steady when the unit is switched on. If they are not, the burner may be dirty. This will need to be inspected and cleaned by a professional who will now how to disassemble the burner and then put it back together.



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