Let Your Drains Flow Freely With Drain Cleaning Seguin

by | Mar 1, 2014 | plumbing

Plumbing problems come in all types, but one of the most annoying issues that most homeowners will have to deal with are clogged drains. Clogs in your drains often result in backing up water and waste in the sewage lines and in some cases that sewage can flow back into the home resulting in nasty cleanups and even thousands of dollars in building repairs. Your plumbing can clog in several places, not all of which are accessible to you.

The most obvious drain clogs happen close to the drain at the pipe traps. When you look under your sink you will see a U shaped pipe that is designed to keep water from flowing back into the sink. This trap also catches a lot of debris. It is relatively easy to clean with a little skill and the right tools. Unfortunately, some pipes can break with too much force so not knowing what you are about could result in a more expensive repair. It may also be possible to eliminate some of these problems with a few simple home remedies such as a baking soda and vinegar mix that often removes minor clogs.

However, the more difficult problems will require someone who specializes in Drain Cleaning Services Seguin. Larger drain clogs can include blockages of the sewer lines and broken or damaged sewer mains. In these instances the plumber will require special tools and techniques. The most common tool used by plumbers is the pipe snake. This device is designed to pierce large clogs and allow the liquid to flow again. In many instances the rush of running liquid will get the drains moving properly.

Unfortunately, this Drain Cleaning Seguin tool doesn’t always work. In cases where the sewer lines are cracked or damaged a plumbing contractor will need to inspect the pipes. This is usually done with a video snake. This tool works much like the pipe snake using a flexible cable to run a video camera through the pipes. The video allows the plumber to see the condition of the pipes as well as any possible clogs. By taking advantage of these specialized tools your plumber can have your drains flowing properly.





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