Signs That You Need Water Heater Repair in Temecula

by | Mar 21, 2014 | plumbing

Many people cannot live comfortably without a water heater. Without this crucial appliance, taking a shower early in the morning can be a dreaded experience. Despite its value, it is one of those items often greatly neglected in the home. A number of people only get worried when they can’t get hot water, although there may have been many other signs of potential problems that were often ignored. Below are crucial signs that show the need for water heater repair in Temecula.


Water puddles around the bottom of your water tank usually indicate the presence of cracks in the tank. Furthermore, you can tell this if you have a trail of water that leads to it. In order to know whether you will need to replace the tank or fix the crack, you need to find a plumber to assess the unit.

No Hot Water

Sometimes you may be prepared to take a shower only to establish that there is no hot water. When faced with this problem, there are several things that you need to checkout before calling in a plumber. First, check the unit’s circuit breaker to confirm that it is not tripped. Secondly, you need to check the thermostat to find out if it is working. If both of them seem to be okay but you still cannot get any hot water, then it is pertinent to look for experts to help you out.


A noisy water tank can also be a source of concern for any homeowner. Sediments that build up inside the tank are usually the main cause of such noises. You can eliminate this by flushing the tank. However, if you do not see any sediments near the tank’s heating element, these noises could be emanating from the heating element itself if it is burning out. You can sort this out by replacing it.

Smelly or Rusty Water

Rust colored water usually indicates failure of your tank’s anode. This can easily be fixed by replacing it. However, if your water starts smelling like rotten eggs, you must have the tank flushed using a hydrogen peroxide solution. Furthermore, you can replace the current anode with one made from a zinc alloy to eliminate the smell.

Although you can easily fix some of these problems, sometimes it is necessary to seek professional water heater repair in Temecula so all issues can be detected and fixed. Browse website page for more information.


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