The Lateral Sewage Line: Your Responsibility

by | Dec 4, 2015 | plumbing

If you live in the city of Minneapolis, you will have two separate sewer lines. One is the public sewer system. The city sanitary department is responsible for this one. The other is the lateral (pipe) that connects your residential or business sewer system to the public one. This is your responsibility. A sewer inspection will help ensure it is in the best condition possible.

What Exactly Are You Responsible For?

If you are a homeowner in Minneapolis, you have certain sewer components the city holds you accountable for. These include those that are on your property and the lateral pipe that connects your sewer system to the city public system. As a result, you must ensure they are not cracked or deteriorated in any fashion that will not only affect your own personal plumbing but also those of your neighbors on the same line. Overall, you are held responsible by the city for any sewer pipes or systems of drainage on your property that may negatively affect the main sewer system as well as your own. This includes:

* Pipes running on and through your property
* Roof drains
* Downspouts
* Driveway drains
* Foundation drains
* Footing drains
* Interior pipes and drains that are connected to the sewer system

If anything happens on your property that affects the public system, it will be you who bears the cost. This is one major reason to consider a regular sewer inspection.

What a Sewer Inspection Can Reveal

Your home in Minneapolis may appear to be functioning with reliable efficiency. Yet, behind the walls and under the floors and outside, some problems may be affecting the nature of your sewer system. A sewer inspection can use the latest technology, including cameras and scopes, to see down your pipes and discover whether any of the problems are creating issues:

* Cracks in the lateral
* A lateral that has been invaded by tree roots
* Blocked laterals from the home resulting from fats, oils and grease (FOG) build-up
* Other similar faults that indicate the potential for or existence of serious sewer system problems

Preventing Sewage Back-up: Sewer Inspection

The most practical ways to prevent the failure or improper performance of the sewer system is to be proactive. It is important that everyone in the residence understand what not to put into the toilet or sinks. Regular maintenance is also an integral part of preventing a sewer back-up inside your or your neighbors’ homes.

As a means of ensuring your system in Minneapolis is being maintained as fully-operational as possible, you need to have a plumber who understand the process. He or she must not only understand the specifics of your plumbing. The best plumber you can hire is also one who will work with you to maintain the integrity of your sewer system. This will mean someone who can visit your home and implement a thorough sewer inspection as part of your overall approach to being proactive.

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