Tips to Remember When Comparing Water Heaters

by | Dec 1, 2015 | plumbing

Imagine standing in the shower enjoying the hot water pouring down. Suddenly the water turns ice cold. This ends up being a real wake up call. Not only is the person left standing there freezing, they may still have shampoo in their hair or soap on their body that has to come off. When this situation arises, it’s time to look into new Water Heaters.

In the past, people had few options with regards to these devices. Most units came with tanks and required either electric, natural gas or propane to run them. Times have changed and water heaters have too, thus consumers will need to determine what they want before shopping. Following are some things to consider when making this purchase.

If purchasing an electric water heater, look for one with a nine to 12 year warranty. These devices tend to have a larger heating element and more insulation. Furthermore, they tend to be able to fight off corrosion better than their siblings with shorter warranties.

Those who are in the market for a gas or oil heater will find gas models tend to be fairly inexpensive. Oil water heater owners may wish to make the switch to a hybrid electric model, however, as the cost savings each year tend to be significant. The same is true for those who currently have an electric water heater. A hybrid is often the better choice.

Certain models come with rebates and this should be factored into the decision making process. For example, a rebate is being offered on solar water heaters through 2016, and this can help to reduce the cost of the new unit. In addition, some state and local agencies offer rebates on storage-tank models that are Energy Star compliant. This is worth looking into before a new device is obtained.

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