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Why Do People Call This Appliance a Hot Water Heater in Sullivan County NY?

by | Mar 30, 2018 | plumbing

An appliance that heats water for a household is technically known as a water heater, which seems obvious enough. Yet many people, perhaps most, call this appliance a hot water heater. That makes the rest of the population wonder why the word “hot” is added, as it seems redundant. There are at least a couple of valid reasons to call this equipment a Hot Water Heater in Sullivan County NY and elsewhere.

Marketing Purposes

One reason that even manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of the appliances use that longer term is for intuitive marketing purposes. People quickly understand what a Hot Water Heater in Sullivan County NY does, but they might have a moment of hesitation if they encountered an ad for a cold water heater. Also, the description makes clear that the appliance doesn’t just warm up water; it makes the water hot. The extra word is a point of emphasis.

An Accurate Description

Language purists may take issue with the concept of a hot water heater, but for a tank heater, this description is relatively accurate. The appliance is continually keeping water within a certain temperature range, and thus, it’s usually bringing water that is already hot to a higher temperature.

Gas vs. Electric Heating Speed

Only when the tank has been emptied of hot water or nearly so does it have to heat cold or lukewarm water. A gas heater returns the water to optimum temperature pretty quickly, whereas an electric model typically requires the next person to wait patiently for 30 or more minutes to take a hot shower. Gas models generally heat water twice as fast as electric versions do.

No Matter What the Name

No matter what people choose to call this appliance, they know what they’re looking for when they begin shopping at a supplier such as Ramapo Wholesalers. Do-it-yourself types who have the knowledge and skills to remove the old heater and install a new one prefer to buy the equipment wholesale so they don’t have to pay the higher retail prices at home improvement stores. Visit the website Ramapowholesalers.com to find out more about this particular store.

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