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Signs That You Need Drain Cleaning Services

by | Apr 5, 2018 | plumbing

Your drains, like many parts of your home, are not meant to be thought about when they’re working properly. In ideal circumstances, you’ll never have to give your pipes a second thought, except when something goes wrong. However, such a mindset makes spotting actual problems rather difficult. How do you know when something has actually gone wrong? If you are considering hiring a drain cleaning service in Saskatoon SK, here are the telltale signs that your instincts are correct.

#1. Clogged or otherwise not draining

There are different reasons for why your drain may not be draining, but the most common is that it’s simply clogged. Which means something has gotten down in your drain pipes that can’t be displaced by water and can’t be reached by your hands or conventional tools. This results in standing water in your tubs, sinks, or showers, which can quickly stagnate from there. Not only will this stagnant water make for an unhealthy internal atmosphere throughout your home, it will also heavily damage your plumbing if left unattended.

#2. Foul odor

One definite way of telling that you need someone to come have a look at your drain is when a rotting or otherwise unpleasant stench wafts from your drain. Whether it’s your toilet, bathtub, or more commonly, your sink. This could be due to old food or hair getting caught up together in the drain, blocking and stagnating the water, and the stench building from there. Or it could be a small rodent having climbed up the pipe and gotten stuck, eventually dying. Either way, it’s probably too deep to clean out yourself, so you should hire a plumber to come get whatever the culprit is instead.

#3. Backed up water

Pipes are meant to expel any water that comes down, not spit it back up. If the latter happens, then that’s about as clear a sign of a clogged drain as it gets. There’s most likely a grease or soap scum build-up or a small object that’s gotten lodged into the pipe deep down. If you can’t fish it out yourself, then only a plumber can get it out for you, and you should probably be quick about it. There’s probably a lot of pressure building in your pipes if this happens, and that can be dangerous.

If any of these has happened to you, and you need a good plumbing company to clean out your pipes, contact Perfection Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Ltd.


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