Two Reasons Why Homeowners May Need A New Water Heater System In Columbus IN

by | Jan 19, 2016 | Water Heaters

When the water heater system fails, it’s often at the worst possible time, and homeowners may be left without hot water for several hours or days. To make sure that your water heater doesn’t stop working when you need it the most, read the information below to learn two signs that indicate the hot water heater is about to fail. If your water heater is showing either of these symptoms, contact a technician who specializes in the installation of a new Water Heater System in Columbus IN.

Water Leaking From Heater

When homeowners discover water on the floor around the water heater, this is a sign that the tank is leaking. As a water heater ages, the inside of the tank begins to corrode and deteriorate. As the corrosion gets worse, it can rust through to the outside of the tank and cause the water to leak on the floor. When this happens, the water heater needs to be replaced because it’s at the end of its usable life. Once a water heater is between 8 to 10 years old, a homeowner may want to replace the unit to prevent this problem from happening.

Water Fails To Heat Up

When the water that comes out of the faucet is supposed to be hot, and it’s only warm, or it’s not hot at all, this is due to a faulty heating element. Many times a technician will replace the heating element and the water heater will begin working again. If the water heater is old and it’s not very efficient, the homeowner may decide to contact a professional who provides installation services for a new Water Heater System in Columbus IN. Many homeowners choose not to spend money repairing an old water heater if the repairs are expensive or if additional repairs may be necessary for the future. Since new water heaters are made to be more energy efficient, homeowners will save money on their utility bills by purchasing a new water heater.

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