Let an Experienced Plumber in Brandon MS Handle Those Faulty Pipes

by | Jan 21, 2016 | plumbing

It is often difficult for the average homeowner to understand all the details of their home. This means that complex installations such as plumbing are often left alone until a disaster strikes. There is no need for this to happen or at the very least, the frequency of failures could be reduced with the help of a Plumber in Brandon MS. For this to work, the plumber will need to perform an inspection. That is, the pipes will be examined for signs of potential failures. This may include corrosion, weak mounting brackets, poorly applied solder or glue around joints and almost any other reason that a pipe can fail.

Unfortunately, many plumbing failures cannot be predicted or avoided. One often occurring situation is a clog in the drain lines. Clogs can actually occur anywhere that trash might snag, however, the two most common locations are the P-traps and the main sewer line. P-traps are those odd shaped pipes found close to the drain. They tend to be easy to clean, but this task will require the removal of the trap. Keep in mind that the P-trap is used to prevent sewer gas from entering the building. It does this by holding a bit of water in the curve of the pipe and blocking it. It is important to use a little care when making this repair. Most drain lines use PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) which might get damaged if the threads aren’t lined up properly. This could leave the drain with a minor leak every time the plug is pulled.

Perhaps the most important tasks that any Plumber in Brandon MS can undertake is home remodeling. This usually means jobs like replacing tubs and showers or rearranging the workflow in a kitchen. These sorts of jobs are always challenging because one never knows what may happen. Demolition issues could alter building plans or plumbing problems may make the current changes untenable. An experienced plumber can help by modifying the design to fit the circumstances. For example, moving a sink or gas burning range usually requires adapting the current piping to reach the new areas. Cutting corners is not allowed, especially when dealing with gas lines.


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