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Tips for Finding a Provider of Plumbing Repairs in La Vergne, TN

by | May 25, 2020 | plumbing

Before hiring a professional for Plumbing Repairs in La Vergne, TN, it’s important to know the project details, the cost, and the plumber’s credentials. As with other contractors, certain things must be established before work begins. Below are several questions to ask when choosing a plumber.

Do They Have a License?

This is the most important question on the list, and homeowners shouldn’t just take the technician’s word for it. Many plumbers work without a license, but that’s illegal in most places. When a plumber is properly licensed, they’re registered at the local or state level. It’s also a good idea to ask if the plumber is insured and bonded as well.

Is the Cost All-Inclusive?

Most plumbers offer no-charge estimates and most like to see the job in person before work begins. Once a plumber has looked at the job and provided an estimate, ask if the quote includes labor, materials, and an emergency fund. While an estimate may look good on paper, it might include just the basic costs, and it’s sure to rise as the job progresses.

Does the Plumber Charge a Flat or Hourly Rate?

When asking for estimates, the homeowner should ask if the quoted total is a flat rate or an hourly charge plus material costs. With the second option, the cost will rise if the job is delayed. It’s important for customers to know what they’re getting into before signing a contract.

Who Does the Work?

Plumbing companies often hire more than one plumber, and for large jobs, they may bring in outside labor. Ask if the plumber providing the quote will be doing the work. If the answer is no, ask who will do the job and if they’re qualified to do so. If details aren’t forthcoming, it may be best to look elsewhere.

Is the Work Guaranteed?

Ask the plumber what type of warranty or guarantee comes with the work, and be sure to get something in writing. When a company stands behind its work with a written guarantee, they’re more likely to do a quality job.

While finding a plumber can be difficult, asking these questions can help a homeowner ensure that they get the right Plumbing Repairs in La Vergne, TN. Visit Holt Plumbing Company LLC for more details or call us at (615) 361-6001 today to schedule an appointment.


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