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Signs it is Time to Call for Help with Residential Plumbing in Old Bridge NJ

by | Dec 14, 2017 | plumbing

Plumbing issues aren’t always obvious; however, they may result in serious damage they aren’t found and fixed right away. Even small leaks or drips can result in damage to the home’s paint, flooring, and walls. Plumbing issues may also lead to the growth and development of mold and rot, which will reduce a home’s indoor air quality, resulting in coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, skin irritation, lung damage and asthma attacks. Be aware of a plumbing issue and when Residential Plumbing in Old Bridge NJ service is needed by reading the information here.

A Faucet that Continues to Drip

This is an issue that is extremely annoying, but it may seem minor. There are some people who will live with drips for months or longer before seeking repairs. A faucet that drips will increase a home’s water bill and result in thousands wasted gallons of water each year. As water moves through the pipes of a home, it is under pressure. It is up to the silicone and rubber washers to form the seals that will prevent leaks when the tap is turned off.

As time passes, the washers may get stiff, dislodge, or tear resulting in leaks and drips. If the leaks continue long enough, then the valve seat, which is the portion of the faucet that stops the water from flowing may get corroded or worn out. This will result in the entire fixture having to be replaced.

A Clogged or Slow Drain

In some cases, a plunger can be used to fix a clogged or slow drain. In some cases, a homeowner may even notice a bad smell from food that has begun to rot or the presence of other debris. It may also be possible to remove the clog with a pair of pliers. If this isn’t effective, then professional Residential Plumbing in Old Bridge NJ services will be necessary.

More information about plumbing issues can be found by contacting a professional plumber. A homeowner can also visit us to learn more about these plumbing services and when they are needed. Being informed is the best way to ensure serious plumbing problems.


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