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Plumbing and Sewers and Drainage, Oh My

by | Dec 19, 2017 | plumbing

Winter comes on strong every year, and when it’s getting close, it’s probably a good idea to make sure that the plumbing in your house is in good order. Winter has a way of exacerbating problems that otherwise may not seem so bad, but what if you don’t have a lot of experience with plumbing? What if you’re not really sure what signs to look out for? Here is a brief guide to basic plumbing, sewer, and drainage issues.

Which Drains Should I Clean?

Most homes have three types of drains: laundry drains, kitchen drains, and bathroom drains. All three types can and do get clogged from time to time. In general, bathroom drains get clogged most often, probably because those drains get used the most, and there are so many different materials that can clog them, from soap to hair to toothpaste. Kitchen drains and bathroom drains can get clogged, too, so you may want to have them cleaned regularly. Either way, you can keep an eye on how efficiently the drain is working. If it seems to be draining slowly, you may want to get it checked out.

How Often Should I Change My Water Heater?

Most experts advise changing your water heater every six years or so. The time may vary because heaters produced by different companies tend to have different levels of efficiency. You may also want to check if the city you live in contains additives in its tap water. If it does, the buildup in the water heater caused by minerals will probably make the heater less effective. That means you may want to change the heater more often.

Can My Water Pressure Be Improved?

Many people like to take long, luxurious showers that double as massages. To get that massage feeling, you’ll probably need higher water pressure in your house, but what if your water pressure is low? Is there anything that can be done about that, or will you just have to live with it? As a matter of fact, you usually can increase your water pressure. Call a professional to come check out the problem. The experts can figure out the source of the problem (maybe a rusty pipe is blocking water flow), and then go about developing a plan to solve that problem. At that point, you may be ready to get back to your luxurious showers.

Plumbing problems can occur during any season, and with this guide, you can be more prepared to spot them. Wilmette Plumbing Company strives to keep drainage, plumbing, and sewer issues at bay all year long.


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