Scan For Leaky Pipes and Clean Clogged Drains With Expert Plumbing Charlottesville

by | Apr 18, 2019 | plumbing

Your home has two basic types of plumbing Bellingham WA. One is the potable, or drinkable fresh water line and the other handles any waste sewage you may generate. Surprisingly, many people consider these separate piping installations as one whole plumbing setup, but the two pipe installations never connect together even where the two share the same sink, shower or tub. Potable water is the water we use for cooking, drinking and other purposes. Having easy access to fresh, clean drinking water is one almost as important that the air we breathe.

The most common problems people face with their fresh water supply is leaking faucets and pipes. Not all of these leaks will be visible, but you may be able to tell they exist by monitoring your water bill. Your plumbing Bellingham WA expert however, has other tools at his disposal. Modern plumbing technicians use a sonic based device for measuring sound around the pipes. By using high frequencies they can discover leaks the human ear cannot hear. This type of inspection can save a lot of time and expense and avoid unnecessary damage to your home.

Of course, the drainage lines are just as important as the fresh water supply. Without them you would have a tough time eliminating any excess waste. The major problem with drain lines is how easily they can clog. Clogs come from a variety of items and for families with little children you may find some unusual items stuck in the pipes. Since clogs are difficult to predict, most plumbing Bellingham WA professionals use what is termed a pipe snake. This is a strong, but flexible cable with an auger on the end that can push through the almost any clog.

Sometimes the plumbing Bellingham WA technician can’t locate the exact problem or they simply need to see the clog. To handle this your plumber will use a tool similar to the pipe snake. This tool is useful to ensure the quality of the pipes. However, if the pipes are covered with sludge your plumber may suggest cleaning them with a hydro jet system. Excellent plumbing services like Bode’s Electric use this high pressure water system to quickly clean any crud from the pipe’s walls to reduce the chance of clogs accumulating again.


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