Replacing an Electric Water Heater Gilbert

by | Feb 12, 2013 | plumbing

Installing an electric water heater is not as difficult as many people think. If you have some background in electricity, it should not be hard for you. The first thing you have to do is to check the specifications of the manufacturer concerning the power amount needed in the unit that you are planning to install on your house. This is because different units have different power needs. Apart from the voltage, you have to check the amount of Amps that the unit will need to perform optimally. Most residential water heaters will need a voltage of 220/240 to drive them. Amp ranges from 30 to about 60. If you are replacing a unit that has been working previously, it’s easier since you already have the specifications.

The first thing you want to do when installing an electric water heater in Gilbert is to find the breaker powering the heater. Ascertain that the rating is such that it can carry enough volts and amps. If you find that it is either low or high, you may need to replace that and get a new one that is more specific.

You need to turn it off before unscrewing the cover housing the electrical connections. A meter will be very helpful in verifying that power is not on at the unit. After disconnecting the wires, you need to turn off the supply of water for the heater. Use a wrench of appropriate size to remove the supply of cold water and the outlet for hot water. There is a valve at the bottom where you can hook a hose hence drain. Make sure it is safe before letting the hot water to run.

Once the water heater is empty, slide it out and slide in the new one. If you are sturdy enough, you can manage to do this by yourself though two people would make it very easy. Once you have put the new unit in place and everything is in place, reconnect it. There might be a bit of pipe alterations and so you need to take every measurement required and buy the relevant materials required.

Once everything is tight and the water heater is in place, you can go ahead and turn on the water to the unit. Check carefully to ensure that there are no water leaks. You can then turn on the power. You will hear some sound as the elements start warming and heating up.

If you are not confident enough to undertake this work by virtue of not having any background in electrical work, you can enlist the services of water heater Gilbert replacement experts. These experts will do a superb job for you in the shortest time possible.

You can learn a lot more concerning water heater Gilbert replacement by talking to the experts. You will get great ideas on how to go about this kind of work.


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