Installing a New Bathroom – How to Ensure you Choose the Right Company for the Job

by | Feb 5, 2013 | plumbing

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, after all, it’s where you go for a long, hot bath after a tiring day or a refreshing shower during the hot weather. Unless you are a qualified plumber, you will probably need to hire someone to install your new bathroom for you. It’s important to choose a reliable and trustworthy company, but how do you go about doing this?

Choose a Company who can Handle Supply and Installation

It makes sense to choose a reliable company, who can not only supply your new bathroom, but cover all aspects of the installation including plumbing and electrical tasks. This ensures that you are not left chasing various contractors and you only have one company to pay at the end of the installation. Your new bathroom is more likely to be completed on time if one company handles all the details.

Do your Research

Contact three or four companies for a written quote. Don’t always choose the cheapest company to install bathrooms in Halton and bear in mind when comparing quotes that a smaller business will have lower overheads than a larger one, so quotes may be cheaper. Ask for testimonials from previous satisfied customers and speak to friends and family for recommendations. Always telephone the company to chat to them about their services and avoid any company who don’t pick up the phone; problems contacting them now could lead to headaches down the line when you are waiting for your new bathroom to be completed. Make sure that any written quote provides a full breakdown of the costs of parts and labour and refuse to work with any company who won’t provide this to you.

Discuss your Ideas

Not all of your dream bathroom ideas will be practical, but an experienced team of bathroom fitters will be able to discuss your ideas with you and advise on how they could implement them in your new bathroom. They will be able to come up with their own creative ideas to help you design the perfect bathroom for your requirements and check that this will be affordable and practical for your needs.

Know what you are Paying

Most companies will charge anywhere from 20% to 50% as an upfront payment, before commencing work and installing bathrooms in Halton. Make sure that you understand the whole payment process and when the outstanding balance is due. Agree a timescale for completion of the work and discuss how this will affect payment due.

Above all, go with your gut instinct. Meet contractors before work commences and discuss your thoughts and ideas in detail, always ensure you know how much any work will cost and don’t be afraid to ask questions, even about the most obvious things.


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