Potential Problems with Plumbing in Woodland Hills

by | Mar 11, 2013 | plumbing

We all have a system of pipes and drains within our homes that is typically referred to as plumbing. We probably don’t think about it too often, maybe not even when the sink or shower begins to drain a little slower than usual. But, when something like this begins to occur, it’s definitely time to begin paying attention. What can start out as a small, easily remedied clog can quickly develop in to a serious backup if it’s not dealt with right away. Better yet, not allowing these sorts of clogs to develop in the first place can go a long way in preserving the life of the plumbing within your home.

As mentioned, slow to drain areas such as sinks and showers can be prevented by having periodic preventative maintenance performed on them. The clogs may not necessarily be located directly within the pipes under the drain, but could be a symptom of a problem further down in your mainline or in your sewer system. There might be nothing worse than suddenly having your sewer system back up in to your home, unloading smelly, dirty water out of any drain it can find. By contacting a professional plumber to do periodic check-ups, you can prevent these sorts of disastrous messes. A small clog that could have easily been cleared out can easily develop in to a complete blockage that can not only create backups in to your home, but can also cause damage to the pipes, and then you’d be looking at even more expense when it came to repair work.

A damaged pipe can create hidden problems that can cause extensive damage before they’re detected. A pipe that cracks or breaks inside a wall can leak slowly, creating water damage, allowing mold to grow, and potentially damaging the foundation to your home if allowed to go on for a prolonged period. If you begin to notice water streaks on your walls, you need to contact your plumber right away, but again, by performing a bit of preventative maintenance, this is another situation that can be avoided in most cases. Nothing is ever guaranteed to not go wrong, but you can lessen the chances of it happening substantially by doing your part to ensure the health of the plumbing inside your home.

Remember that your plumbing is one of the lifelines of your home, and without it you cannot shower, cook, wash clothes, or do any other number of things that involve the use of water. By hiring a competent plumber to assist you in checking up on your pipes and sewer lines every now and again, you can feel confident that you’ve done your best to preserve the life of your home’s plumbing.

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