Explaining the Parts of Your Water Heaters Alexandria, VA Unit

by | Mar 14, 2013 | Water Heaters

As a homeowner, it’s important to know how the different appliances in your house operate. Unfortunately, most homeowners take their water heater for granted until it stops working. Here are some of the most important parts of your water heaters Alexandria, VA unit so you can have a better understanding of it and possibly even a new appreciation for this neglected appliance.

The tank is the largest portion of the water heater. It has a primary purpose of holding the water. It is made from heavy steel in most cases and it can hold between 30 and 60 gallons of water. Most water tanks can handle about 300 pounds of pressure pure square inch, but these tanks usually don’t experience more than 100 pounds of pressure per square inch. A water heater tank is also insulated to help make it more efficient when heating the water.

Dip Tube
This is the pipe that brings the cold water into the water heater’s tank. The dip tube has a shutoff valve located at the top of the part so you can stop the water flow if you need to. One of the reasons you would want to shut off the flow of water is to clean out the tank. This tube also extends to the bottom of the water tank where it deposits cold water.

Outflow Pipe
The outflow pipe is the part of your water heaters Alexandria, VA tank that channels the water out of the tank. This part isn’t as long as the dip tube and it is the part through which the hot water travels out to the faucet once it has been heated.

Heating Element
Without the heating element, your water heaters Alexandria, VA unit wouldn’t be any good. It would just be a stopping point for the cold water before it gets to your faucet. The heating element is a thick rod which is usually inside the tank that heats up when it receives electric energy. This in turn heats up the water. For gas water heaters, the heating element is usually on the bottom of the tank. On an electric water heater, it is generally along the side of the tank.

Pressure Relief Valve
Without the pressure relief valve in your water heater, the pressure inside the tank would build up and it could cause an explosion. This part is generally located at the top of the tank and it is usually connected to the overflow tube in case too much water is in the water tank.


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