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by | Nov 29, 2019 | Plumber

Hot water is something most of us take for granted. We turn on the faucet or shower and expect warm water to pour out when we turn the proper handle. When this doesn’t happen, especially as we’re unclothed and waiting to jump into the shower, we have a problem. Usually with more investigation, we determine that something is wrong with the hot water heater. We may discover a wet floor from a leaking heater or we may discover that the heater is running to no avail, as the water isn’t heating up. No matter what we discover, calling one of the plumbers Jacksonville, FL is usually the next step necessary to restore hot water as soon as possible.

Though a hot water heater can stop working for a variety of reasons, it’s common to find a soggy floor when checking on the status of a hot water heater, when it’s not working. This is because many times the cause of the problem might be either a loose fitting, a T & P (Temperature and Pressure) valve that is not holding pressure properly or even a tank that has rusted through and is leaking. If the tank is relatively new, and the problem is a fitting or a valve, a plumber can usually replace the part and the heater will continue to work and give you no more problems for many years. If the water heater is old and the tank is rusted, it’s usually recommended to replace the hot water heater completely.

A water heater that seems to be working but not heating water, can be a more difficult fix. Sometimes it can be as simple as a blown main breaker that needs to be reset. It may also be a thermostat breaker that is causing the problem. If these checks don’t determine what the problem with the hot water heater is, chances are it’s a bigger problem such as the heating element or the thermostat malfunctioning. At that point, it’s probably recommended to replace the heater instead of putting more money into it, unless it’s relatively new.


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