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Let a Plumber in Freeport Take Care of Clogs, Leaks and Upgrades

by | Jan 15, 2021 | plumbing


There are many reasons a plumbers in Freeport might need to come out to fix the pipes, but in most cases, problems will involve clogged drains. Therefore, companies specifically emphasize this aspect of the business.

Even though there are many types of drain clogs, most plumbers will first attack them all the same way: by running a plumber’s snake down the drain to try to grab the clog and pull it out manually. The snake, which is actually a metal cable that’s under tension, is able to be maneuvered around bends. The length of the device can vary, but the professional will choose one that’s expected to be long enough to reach the problem area. What makes this method better than alternatives like plunging or pouring chemicals down the drain is that it directly removes the clog rather than trying to affect it from the outside of a sink or toilet. There is also no need to worry about chemicals corroding the pipe – a problem that is common even for chemical products that claim that they won’t cause this issue.

Despite the prevalence of clogged drains, plumbers in Freeport can do much more than get rid of blockages. Stopping leaks is another big part of the repair side of the business. What will be required to stop a leak depends on factors like the location of the problem and whether the affected section of pipe can be easily replaced. Replaceable areas include the traps of drains and the connections that go into faucets. When a leak is in the middle of a long section of pipe, the pipe often doesn’t need to be replaced. Instead, the faulty section of pipe is cut out and a new section is soldered or welded into place. This allows customers to avoid having to pay for a long piece of piping to fix a small leaky area.

Plumbers also take care of the installation of new fixtures or upgrading of old piping. This makes it easy to update your bathroom or kitchen without having to do the work yourself. Though many companies focus on advertising repairs, most are glad to get the chance to do work that will make your living area look nicer or add new functionality.

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