Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Roots And Sewer Line Repair

by | Dec 8, 2015 | Sewer Hookup, Installation And Repair

Trees that grow in close proximity to the sewer line can cause the sewer pipes to clog because of the roots growing into the pipes. When the sewer line clogs, sewage can back up into the home. Before this happens, homeowners should contact a company that specializes in Sewer Line Repair. To learn additional information about clogged sewer pipes, due to aggressive tree roots, read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) How do tree roots get into the sewer pipes to begin with and cause damage to the sewer system?

A.) Sewer pipes can crack and break as they get older. As tree roots run underground, they enter the breaks in the pipes and continue to grow. The roots form a cluster as they grow inside the sewer line, and this causes an obstruction in the pipes. The root ball gets bigger and bigger until it completely shuts off the flow of sewage in the sewer pipes. When the sewage and waste water from the house is unable to run through the pipes to the septic tank, it backs up into the house drains.

Q.) How can homeowners keep tree roots from damaging their sewer pipes?

A.) To make sure that tree roots aren’t growing inside the sewer pipes, homeowners should contact a professional once a year to perform a sewer inspection. While inspecting the sewer system, the technician will look for tree root growth inside the sewer line and clear out any roots that are in the pipes. If any of the pipes is damaged, a company that specializes in Sewer Line Repair can replace the cracked and broken sewer line. To keep tree roots from damaging sewer lines, homeowners should refrain from planting large, fast-growing trees close to the sewer system. Trees that grow slowly and are less likely to damage the sewer system include dogwood and redbud.

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