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Dealing with a Basic Plumbing Problem: Unclogging a Blocked Drain

by | Sep 9, 2015 | plumbing

A residential plumbing system is an important part of a home’s environment. It can be a major inconvenience for household occupants when there is a disruption in plumbing operations. Trees, leaves, hair, grease, and heavy objects can form a blockage in the drainpipe. To restore functionality to a plumbing system, the following suggestions can be used to unclog a blocked drain.

A homeowner should first try to use a plunger to clear a blocked drain. To start this process, a person should cover the overflow vent if his sink has this feature. The basin should be filled with enough water to cover the bottom of the plunger. It’s preferable for a person to use petroleum jelly on the underside of the lips of the plunger. Applying a generous amount of this substance will allow the plunger to form a seal over the opening to the drain.

A homeowner should start at the top of the sink. The plunger should be placed on a wall of the sink. By slowly lowering it over the drain opening, a person can prevent water from getting under the plunger before it’s first used. A person should firmly hold the stick of the plunger with both hands. Using up and down movements, a person should forcefully move the plunger use strikes to remove the clog. On the last strike, the plunger should be pulled up briskly. Water should rush into the sink if the drain has been unclogged.

When this is not successful, a person should try this step again. It may be necessary to add more water to the sink. The rapid striking motion a person performs with the plunger builds up he forces necessary to dislodge the blockage. When this does not work, it may be necessary to use a plunger’s auger or call a professional plumber. Care should be taken not to damage the drainpipe or damage other parts of the Plumbing system. For more information on Plumbing services, a person can talk to a professional at Drain Remedy Inc. This business can handle residential and commercial plumbing services so customers can have access to water on demand.


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