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Comparing Options for New Hot Water Heaters in Westchester, NY

by | Aug 27, 2015 | plumbing

The plumber just delivered the bad news that the current water heater is not worth repairing. This means the time has come to look for a replacement. With so many options on the market, the idea of choosing the right one may seem overwhelming. By keeping a few basics in mind, it will be possible to wade through all the different Hot Water Heaters in Westchester NY, currently available and find the one that is just right.

How About Going with No Tank?

Many of the newer Hot Water Heaters in Westchester NY, do not include a tank in the basic design. Units of this type are more compact and will take up less space. In terms of efficiency, they heat water when and as it is needed. This means there is no tank of water that has to be periodically reheated throughout the day. The homeowner will also find that it is possible to do a load of laundry while someone is taking a shower and still have plenty of hot water to go around.

While a water heater with no tank will cost more than some of the more conventional designs, remember that the convenience is matched with lower utility bills. Over time, the savings alone will be enough to justify spending a little more money up front.

The Energy Source

Since the old water heater has to go, would it be a good time to think about switching energy sources? Maybe the old heater relied on natural gas to heat the water. How difficult would it be to have electrical wiring run to the area where the new heater will reside? Talk with a professional about what it would take to outfit the space for the use of a different energy source. If doing so would save money in the years to come and then making the switch is a good idea.

The only way to find the right replacement heater is to work with a professional. Call the team at Cassidy Plumbing and rely on their expertise to find the right unit. Once the best water heater is found, rest assured that a professional can arrange to remove the older unit and have the new one installed in no time.


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