Why You Should Consider a Copper Repipe in Palm Springs CA

by | May 12, 2014 | plumbing

Many homes that are 25 years old and above are fitted with galvanized piping which is prone to rust and eventually will need replacement. As these pipes age, the zinc metal used in the galvanizing process starts to erode and eventually open a chance for rust to eat away at the inside of the pipes. It is best that you shop for pipes that will efficiently serve you for many years. Though the best quality goes for higher prices compared to the iron ones, once installed you will end up saving lots of money in terms of replacement or frequent repairs for years to come. There are many signs that indicate that your home is in need of a copper re-pipe in Palm Springs, CA, and they are:

     *     A drop in water pressure due to corrosion as well as breakdown of the pipes

     *    Discolored water, has an odor or contains sediments

     *    A leaking plumbing system

     *    Escalated water bills

     *    Water is still running even after your faucets are turned off

If you see these signs in your home, then it is time to do a copper repipe. There are many reasons you should consider using copper piping. Outlined below are some of them:


Copper is a durable material and water pipes made from it will serve you for years. In case you need to sell your property, performing a copper repipe before selling it will help you increase its value because the buyer won’t have to deal with piping problems in the near future.

Fire Resistant

It is sometimes hard to avoid fire. With that in mind, you need to for a piping that will not be easily destroyed fire. A copper repipe in Palm Springs CA will ensure that not everything is damaged because copper is fire resistant.

Weather and Rust resistant

A copper repipe in Palm Springs CA is not only suitable for indoor plumbing but also for outdoor plumbing where it is faced with different weather conditions. Copper is not easily affected by any kind of weather and therefore ideal for using in many different areas of your home. Brownish water when showering might be due to rust in your iron pipes. To solve this, consider a copper repipe.


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