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Why Plumbers Use Video Pipe Inspection in Matawan, NJ

by | Aug 22, 2017 | plumbing

Plumbers who specialize in large-scale issues such as sewer and water line repair and installation will be familiar with video pipe inspection procedures. Video pipe inspection is like a colonoscopy for your sewer or water pipes. The plumber inserts a specially designed waterproof camera through the actual pipe. Doing this allows the plumber to view the entire section of pipe and diagnose it for potential or known problems. Video pipe inspection has become essential to the plumbing business in Matawan, NJ.

Even if you do not know anything about video pipe inspection, it pays to understand why the plumber is using this kind of technology to view the inside of the pipes. The reason for using video pipe inspection is that it is the best way to identify problems. The camera reveals all the sections of the pipe to show where any cracks or holes exist. Using the camera, the plumber views the footage live and also records it for future reference when embarking on the repair process.

Without using video pipe inspection, plumbers had to rely on guesswork. Guesswork is costly and can lead to tremendous damage to your property. Video pipe inspection helps plumbers avoid having to unnecessarily dig out areas of your property to inspect the underlying water or sewage mains. It is almost hard to imagine how plumbers in Matawan, NJ got by before the advent of video pipe inspection technology. Companies that use video pipe inspection in Matawan, NJ include Ultimate Drain Cleaning & Service.

The use of the video pipe inspection cuts costs, saving you money and making the process of assessment and repair go much smoother, faster, and more efficiently. What’s more, the video pipe inspection can also help identify potential problems before they cause a ruptured pipe. For example, the footage might reveal potential blockages, immanent root intrusions, or areas with rust or corrosion. Therefore, you are much better off relying on a plumber with good video pipe inspection technology.


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