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Where To Call For Slab Leak Detection in Escondido, CA

by | Mar 14, 2019 | plumbing

What can a homeowner do when the water bill indicates a water leak but it can’t be found? Could the leak be in the slab the home is built on and hidden from easy detection? There are plumbing companies, such as Hanna Plumbing, that offer slab leak detection in Escondido CA. Special equipment is used to find and repair leaks to save the homeowner money on their water bills and prevent water from being wasted or damaging the slab.

What Do Plumbing Companies Do?

A Plumbing company can offer many services. Each plumbing company has its own set of services they offer. A licensed plumber can work alone or have a whole plumbing crew. Some plumbing companies specialize in installing systems in new construction. Other plumbers prefer to do small plumbing repairs or clean drain lines. The best plumbing companies offer a full line of plumbing services.

Plumbing services can include replacing worn-out faucets, unplugging drains, installing new toilets or sinks, updating old plumbing systems, repairing leaky or broken pipes, slab leak detection in Escondido CA, or finding where drain pipes are blocked and clearing them. Plumbers can empty septic tanks or install an outside faucet. They can find that wedding ring that went down the drain or unplugs the toilet that a child flushed toys down.

Find A Good Plumber Before You Need One

Plumbers have special training to do their jobs and should be licensed and insured. Find a plumber who offers emergency services on weekends and evenings in case of a burst pipe or sewer backup. Don’t wait to look for a plumber until a plumbing emergency happens. Find a good plumber to call when plumbing services are needed. An emergency is no time to have to call strangers to come to the house. The homeowner should not settle for the only plumber available when trouble strikes.

Older homes have plumbing problems periodically. Plumbing systems get constant hard use and pipes can have a buildup of matter over time. That suddenly blocked pipe could have been filling up with sludge for years. Old pipes can split, develop holes, or deteriorate to the point they are no longer holding water and need to be replaced by a licensed plumber. Visit us for more plumbing information.


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