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What Everyone Should Know About Septic Tank Replacement Service

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Septic Tank System

A septic tank and the sewage system is one of the main complex and necessary part of any residential and commercial property. More so if there is no system from the municipal that runs through or close to the property. If there is, then a septic tank might not be necessary as the municipal system will take care of draining and treating the sewerage waste. If not, then one will definitely need a Septic Tank Replacement Service.

Traditionally, the installation of septic tanks did not involve a lot of logistics. However, with the introduction of Soakaway Drainfield Regulations, It has now become more challenging and expensive to install a septic tank. Due to the strict conditions set out by the regulations, one must make sure to identify a credited company for the Septic Tank Replacement Service.

Different types of septic tanks are available for replacement:

Fiberglass/Plastic tanks

These kinds of septic takes are preferred because they cannot rust. However, they have a weak structure which breaks quickly.


Concrete septic tanks are highly durable lasting for some decades. However, after years of use they start cracking leading to soaking of the waste to the surrounding soil. A way of preventing occurrences like this is through inspection after a stipulated amount of time.


These are the least preferred septic tanks since they are the least durable. Their covers quickly corrode which can result in accidents.

Once one has identified the type of tank to use for replacement, the other major question should be the cost. Several factors determine the cost of installing a septic tank. The following two factors should be put into consideration carefully.

The size of the tank

There are huge septic tanks that can hold up to thousands of liters. These cost an arm and a leg to install.

Amount of work needed

Big tanks require more work digging which requires more labor translating to increased preparation cost. During replacement, equally more work will be necessary to excavate the reservoir.

In conclusion, a lot of logistics have to be considered when replacing the septic tank. Therefore, it is necessary to get counsel from professionals. Check out one of the most reliable companies at Website.com.


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