What does a residential builder do?

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A residential builder specializes in constructing residences from the ground up or adding to existing residences. Residential Builders Glasgow can build anything from a custom designed home which will be built to exacting specifications to building homes in a large estate development to adding a room to an existing home. Residential builders will often hire sub contractors to perform electrical and plumbing works.

When builders in Glasgow are first approached about constructing a house for someone, the first thing is to visit the site to see the lay of the land, talk to the designer if there is one and then develop an estimated price to do the work. The estimate includes everything that is needed to do the job, from the first bag of cement to the last roofing tile, plus the necessary labour costs. The estimate is usually put together so that the owner can understand every element, questioning and changing if required. Once the estimate has been modified to suit the owner, the contract is signed and the building work starts.

In some instances, residential Builders in Glasgow act as a general contractor. They hire the sub trades as required including plasterers, electricians, siding and roofing as well as plumbing. In some cases the general contractor will have these tradesmen on his payroll. If the builder is constructing a new house, he is often asked to purchase and install built in appliances such as a range, hob and dishwasher.

The builder handles the purchasing of all the material and supplies needed to build the house, he controls costs and manages waste. He is responsible for seeing that all the tradesmen are certified and works with inspectors from the council to ensure complete conformance with existing building codes. A large firm of residential builders employs a number of people including clerks and on-site foremen who attend to a number of sites at once.

Many builders tend to specialize in one type of construction or homes of a particular style. Others specialize in adding rooms and extensions to existing homes as well as undertake remodelling projects. Those builders who focus on remodelling usually have people on staff that have multiple skills and are capable of handling joinery, plastering, plasterboard, etc.

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