Ways a Company that Handles Plumbing in Jacksonville FL can Help with Water Heater Issues

by | Aug 12, 2015 | plumbing

Homeowners who are having problems with their water heating system may be unsure if the unit is repairable or if it needs replacing. When making this type of decision a number of factors should be considered. One of the best ways to handle this is by seeking assistance for a professional who handles Plumbing in Jacksonville FL.

One of the main considerations will be the age of the unit. Water heaters are designed to last 10 to 15 years. If the unit in question is older than this or nearing that age, it is more likely to have other issues requiring repairs develop. Because of this, repairing the unit is generally not advisable.

If the unit is still young enough, it is a good idea to consider the type of maintenance it has had in the past. Units that are flushed on an annual basis will generally last longer than their life expectancy. If the homeowner has been diligent about maintenance, repairing it may a good decision.

However, it is also important to consider the energy efficiency of the unit. While the unit may continue to work, it may not be doing so in a manner that is as efficient as newer units are. Manufacturers are always striving to improve the efficiency of the water heaters they make. This can have a huge impact on utility bills in a home. In addition, many times a homeowner can receive federal tax credits for purchasing a more efficient water heater. This may make upgrading worth the investment.

It is also a good idea to consider where the unit is located in the home. If the unit is in an area where there are no drains or it is on an upper floor, it will most likely cause a great deal of damage to the home if it begins to leak. A homeowner will need to consider this possibility before making his or her decision.

When the water heater in a home is not working, calling a technician from a company that handles Plumbing in Jacksonville FL is generally best. A technician will not only be able to help make repairs but can also help a homeowner decide if replacing the unit might be a better choice. For more information, you could look here.


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