Top Three Bad Habits that Cause Costly Plumbing Repairs You Should Stop

by | Sep 5, 2019 | plumbing

As a homeowner or renter, you are at risk of facing a plumbing problem at some point. Plumbing systems develop issues over time due to wear and tear. However, a significant percentage of most plumbing repairs are caused by bad habits. Most people often ignore small signs that later develop into serious problems that are costly to repair or replace. Fortunately, you can correct most of these bad habits that cause plumbing repairs.

Abusing Your Disposal

You may find it convenient to wash everything on your dirty dishes down the drain. Unfortunately, you are damaging your garbage disposal, because it is not designed to act like a trash can for food. You might have heard that it’s okay to pour grease down your kitchen sink as long as you pour hot water after that. Unfortunately, this is a habit that could eventually cost you an arm and a leg to repair. You shouldn’t put coffee grounds, fibrous foods, pasta, and rice down your garbage disposal.

Incorrect Toilet Use

It is one of the most frequent calls a plumber in Bakersfield, CA, receives. You must have heard about the materials that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet. Unfortunately, the chances are that you have at some point flushed inappropriate materials, such as cotton balls and baby wipes. The accumulation of these unwanted materials causes clogs and issues with other components of your plumbing system.

Chemical Drain-Cleaning Products

What most people don’t know is that chemical drain cleaners don’t solve clogging issues. Instead, they damage your drains in the long run because they are corrosive. The next time you are faced with a stubborn clog, call a plumber in Bakersfield, CA, for a long-term solution.

Bad habits can, in most cases, be hard to kick. However, for the sake of your plumbing, you need to ditch these bad habits. Besides, you want your pipes and other fixtures to serve you for a long time and in excellent condition.


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