Signs You May Have Cracked Pipes

by | Dec 3, 2018 | plumbing

Pipes used for plumbing systems are oftentimes hidden within walls and in the ground, so they can be difficult to see and to access. This is great so as not to interrupt the overall aesthetic appeal of a particular space. When maintenance is needed or repairs need to be done, this can make diagnosing the problem a lot more difficult. If you are suspicious that you may have a damaged or even cracked pipe or simply want to know what signs to look for, here is what to look for.

Water Bill

Nobody likes paying bills, especially if they are higher than expected. In Riverdale, if you notice that your water bill has been higher over the past month or two, this could be an indicator that there are issues with your plumbing. If your bill is substantially higher, it could be from a running toilet or an issue with your pipes. It is important to take action quickly so as not to continue draining your wallet.

Strong, Unpleasant Stench

On the lower floors of your property especially, if you smell an odor like sewage, it could be because of a clogged or broken pipe. A clogged or cracked pipe may be what is making the sewage back up. This will put pressure on your plumbing system and can cause various leaks.

Water Seepage

If you notice accumulations of moisture or pools of water in and around the property, especially in places like under a sink or near water main, you may have damaged or cracked pipes. If you notice damp spots in the drywall or wet spots on ceilings, you should have the problem diagnosed and fixed to stop any further disintegration of the ceiling and walls.

Weak Water Pressure

Another clear sign that you may have a problem is a difference in water pressure. If you realize your faucets aren’t producing the same strong stream of water, something may be wrong with your pipes. There could be a clog or a cracked or leaking pipe. Any of these scenarios are serious and should be taken care of quickly.

If you have any problems with your pipes, it is important to seek out a professional. Hammond Services offers a wide variety of plumbing services. When your pipes are damaged, they have the tools and experience to fix the problem.


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