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Signs that you may have a clogged drain

by | Aug 4, 2015 | plumbing

Other than for the water that is consumed almost every other drop used in the house ends up going down a drain and ending up in the sewer system. In the majority of municipalities your waste water ends up in a common sewage treatment plant, in other cases the home will have a septic tank. As long as nothing goes wrong; water in and water out there is no need for a plumber in Vestal NY but when a drain clogs, then you have a problem that is best solved by a plumber.

It is quite obvious that when a drain is plugged solid there is no way that water can drain from the sinks, bathtubs, showers, etc. When this happens, the homeowner is faced with a real emergency situation because until the problem is identified and repaired it will not be possible to use any plumbing in the house. Although in many cases a plumber in Vestal NY will eventually have to visit the home, before you call there are a couple of things that you can do to confirm that a clogged drain is indeed the problem.

More than one drain backs up:

Every plumbing fixture in the house including the toilets, sinks, tubs, etc. has a unique drain pipe that enters into a common main exit sewer. If there is only one plumbing fixture acting up, this calls for one solution: if however there are multiple drains backing up, this calls for a different solution.

The first thing to check is the toilet, they have the most direct path to the main drain leading to the sewer and the pipe is considerably larger than a sink drain. If all the toilets in your house back up, the problem lays somewhere in the main drain. Because the drains in shower stalls and bath tubs are lower than the drains in any of the sinks they too will be affected; as the sewage backs up it will find the lowest outlets first.

Strange happenings:

Often when a drain is plugged it can be confirmed as your plumbing will act strange when it is used. If you flush a toilet and the water comes right back up through the drain in the bathtub, this is a definite indication that there is a problem that only a plumber in Vestal NY can fix. Another indication is when you turn the water on and run it into a sink which is close to a toilet; if the water level in the toilet rises you can be assured that you have a clogged drain, not simply a clogged toilet which can be easily cleared.

If you have determined that you have a clogged drain, then you will surely need a Plumber in Vestal NY to fix the problem. You are invited to contact Fancher Appliance Inc for round the clock emergency service.


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