Septic Service Westchester County NY-Tips for Preventing Septic Problems

by | Apr 26, 2013 | plumbing

A septic tank is an important holding tank in residential and commercial waste management. Septic tanks are designed to hold biological waste until bacteria break them down into liquid, gas, or other manageable solids. Homeowners can experience several septic problems, especially when some materials that cannot be broken down are introduced into the septic tank system. Some of these materials include excess water, greasy materials and oil. These substances cause clogging of the drain pipes. Nothing can be stressing than having a malfunctioning septic tank system. The good news is that a reliable company can help you resolve the problem using modern technology. However, it is vital to apply some of the preventive measures, which may be sustainable solutions to all your septic problems.

When drain pipes clog, it is recommended to hire a Septic Service Westchester County NY company since experts understand how to fix this problem.

Excess water channeled into the system can also cause septic problems. This is because excess water disturbs the process of breaking down the solid waste effectively. One of the best ways of preventing this problem is spreading tasks that require a lot of water. For example, if you are doing your laundry work, it is good to wash loads in intervals rather than completing all the work in one day. Therefore, the solution to excess water entering the septic system is staggering activities in the kitchen and laundry that require a lot of water. To avoid last minute rush, you should contact your Septic Service Westchester County NY company to perform routine septic tank maintenance.

You should not wait for septic system symptoms to show up before you call a Septic Service Westchester County NY expert. You can easily notice if your septic needs pumping. By observing the level of the solid waste, you can establish whether this task is necessary. According to experts, a properly functioning septic should have the sludge at the bottom of the septic tank. The wastewater should pass via the drain field.


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