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Residential Plumbing Contractors in Newnan, GA, Resolve Sewer Problems

by | Jan 18, 2023 | plumbing

Tree roots naturally grow toward water and fertilizer. Unfortunately for homeowners, that can be the primary cause of sewer backups. Root tendrils invade loose joints and tiny cracks in older underground sewer pipes. Various materials catch onto the plant growth, and those that do not degrade quickly in the water begin to accumulate. Services for residential plumbing in Newnan, GA, resolve backups and provide advice on how to prevent this from happening again.

Solving the Immediate Problem

Contractors providing service for residential plumbing in Newnan, GA, typically tackle the root growth problem with an augur with blades on the end. Sending the snake down the floor drain and chopping up the organic growth and blockage material allows everything to flow away.

Preventive Service

Plumbers can provide preventive service that kills new root growth in the pipe. They run the auger down the floor drain and chop up the tendrils that have invaded the system again. This should be done yearly. Another possibility is for the property owner to flush a special herbicide down toilets as often as directed. This kills roots in pipes without harming the tree.

Signs of an Impending Blockage

Homeowners also can take note of signs of an impending complete sewer blockage. When that happens, they can call the contractor for assistance before a backup occurs. An example is any drains flowing unusually slowly for no apparent reason. Gurgling noises or percolation in the toilet also indicate standing water in the sewer pipe.

Your family’s emergency may not occur during typical “business hours,” and that is why GoRapid Inc. offers all of our residential emergency plumbing services regardless of day or time for homes located in Fayette, Fulton, and Coweta counties.

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