Protection for Your Basement

by | Feb 14, 2019 | plumbing

The weather is changing, and places like Northbook are increasingly experiencing heavier rains, more intense storms, rapid freeze and thaw cycles and extreme temperatures. When storms train over the area, your property could get several inches of water in a short time. If you have a basement, that water could be rushing into it.

Without a sump pump, your basement could flood after a rain of just a couple of inches in a few hours. A backup of the storm or sewer drains could also send water flooding into your basement. If your furnace, heat pump, water heater or other mechanical systems are in the basement, they could be severely damaged by flood water. Anything that you have stored in the basement could be destroyed. If you use your basement as a living space, you might have to tear out all of the carpet and drywall if water comes into it.

A sump pump in Northbrook IL is an essential tool. We install quality sump pumps that are designed to pump out water and drain it to the curb. The sump pump lies in a pit. We create an interior drainage system that keeps the main part of your basement dry at all times. We can also install a backup sump pump that operates on battery power. Our technicians also offer alarms for sump pumps. Let us help you protect your home and all of your treasured belongings.

Heavy rains could arrive any day. If your home is not prepared, now is the time to get a sump pump in Northbrook IL. For more information, contact us at BMW Plumbing, Inc. by phone. 


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