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Projects to Be Completed by a Plumbing Company in Ferndale WA Before the Holidays

by | Oct 5, 2018 | plumbing

Last year’s holiday season wasn’t exactly a disaster, but it certainly caused a series of mishaps. This year, the family will be better prepared for the arrival of dinner guests, some of whom will be staying for several days. A plumbing company in Ferndale WA is part of the plan since some of the problems last year were related to water and drainage issues.

This family would love to have overnight guests more often, but they’ve realized that the state of their plumbing isn’t adequate for everyone’s comfort and convenience. That’s not so bad when it’s a young adult crashing on the couch, but it’s a problem when the guests include parents with two young children. Problems also arise when 20 dinner guests are there for the afternoon, routinely using the toilet and creating a mountain of dirty dishes, pans and flatware.

Cutting Roots in the Sewer Line

Although the sewer didn’t back up during the holidays last year, there was a close call when it did back up right after everyone left as the washing machine emptied out. The family plans to have a Plumbing Company in Ferndale WA cut out any roots that may have grown into the sewer line since that time. That will allow everything to flow smoothly down the pipe.

Replacing the Water Heater

One big project the family wants to be completed by a contractor such as Lynden Sheet Metal is a replacement of the water heater. The previous owners of the house had chosen a relatively small electric water heater that isn’t even all that suitable for a family of four. Three people can shower consecutively, but the showers have to be short. It takes forever for an electric heater to warm back up. This appliance also adds a lot to the electric bill every month. They’ll have the plumbers remove this 15-year-old appliance and replace it with a new, efficient gas water heater.

Installing an Extra Bathroom

An even bigger project they want to have completed is the installation of a toilet and shower in their finished basement. That should have been done a long time ago, but it’s never too late. With those added features, they’ll feel ready for overnight guests any time of the year.


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