Portable Sinks: a Great Party Rental Addition

by | Nov 5, 2015 | plumbing

According to the CDC, about half of the deaths around the world due to diarrhea could have been prevented with hand-washing. Given how important it is to regularly wash your hands with soap and water to ensure protection against bacteria and infection, it only follows that having easy access to proper sanitation facilities should be on top of your list, especially if you’re planning a party. Here are a few times where portable sinks made for the perfect party rental addition:

Wedding receptions are often one of the loveliest events to witness in a lifetime. You get to hang out with family and friends, eat cake and enjoy a merry old time. And if that wedding reception has been held in a large camp ground or somewhere offsite, a good distance away from any structure, then it’s only smart to have several portable sinks put in place. Festive celebrations like this, after all, ensure everyone gets a bit of cake and grease on their hands. This way, your guests won’t have to content themselves with a table tissue or an alcohol gel sanitizer. With portable sinks at hand, you can rest easy, knowing your guests have their sanitation needs covered.

Kid’s Birthday Party
It’s your kid’s birthday party, and you know a lot of 8 or 10 year kids are coming by for an invasion. One way to keep the mess inside your home to a minimum is to move the entire party outdoors—to the yard or garden. That way, you’ll also have less cleanup duties to take care of inside the house. The only snag now is the lack of a proper sanitation facility. No worries, though. With a party rental portable sink, it’s easy to provide for the sanitation needs of your guests. Just remember to find one that’s designed for kids so it’ll be easier for them to use the sink. By having sinks put out there, you don’t just make sure sanitation isn’t an issue, you also encourage them to develop excellent habits like regularly washing their hands.

Concerts and Festivals
Trying to raise some funds? Holding a concert or festival is bound to be lots of fun, and extra points if you’re doing it for a charity or non-profit organization. One way to make sure your guests have everything they need is to provide them with easy and convenient access to proper washing facilities. If the concert site is on a field, having on-site portable sinks is a must.
These are just 3 times you need portable sinks at your party. For more information on party rental services, especially those offered in San Francisco, ask us at Rent A Portable Sink.

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