Plumbing Repair in Weatherford TX for Sink Drains Clogged by Various Objects

by | May 15, 2018 | plumbing

Contractors who provide plumbing repair in Weatherford TX often are called to resolve problems with household drains. Those drains are only intended to manage water and a relatively small amount of soap and toothpaste, but a lot of other things can wind up going down the pipe. The other materials and objects can slow down the flow of liquid and cause clogs. Sometimes a caller hopes the plumber can retrieve an item that accidentally went down the drain.

Catching a Valuable Item

There are times when the customer is fortunate and the valuable item in question got stuck in the U-pipe or P-pipe under the sink. That dip in the pipe is intended to trap odors that can waft up from the sewer pipe, but it also sometimes proves useful for stopping jewelry from floating away.


That part of the pipe also can be prone to trapping other things that the household residents didn’t mean to keep. Hair, fabric lint and droplets of grease are some common examples. As they build up, they create blockages under the sink that gradually limits the water flow. Less commonly, plumbers pull out items like paper clips, bobby pins and dental floss when they take apart the pipe under the sink. Those objects may have become stuck in a glob of hair in the pipe.

Fast Response

This type of Plumbing Repair in Weatherford TX often isn’t considered an emergency; the household residents can normally wait until the next business day if the sink clogs up on a night or weekend. If they have company visiting, however, they may want to have the problem fixed quickly. They don’t want to steer their guests away from using a bathroom sink or to be unable to use the kitchen sink.

People are accustomed to having all the plumbing features work properly. When a drain stops working and water stands in the sink, this tends to be an aggravating experience. A call to a contractor such as Ace Repair Plumbing is the first step toward effectively resolving the problem. In the future, keeping all those potential drain blockers away from the sink is a good preventive measure.


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