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Pipeline Video Inspection: What to Know

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Plumber

About 10% of American households have leaks that waste roughly 90 gallons of water-or more-every day. If you think you’ve got problems with your plumbing system, take steps to deal with the issue. Start paying for monthly drain camera inspections.

What are drain camera inspections?

Leaks, cracks, and blockage in your pipes aren’t always easy to find. In the past, plumbing contractors had to perform heavy excavation to determine where the problem was. These days, though, many companies now offer services like sewer video inspection in Loudoun County. The video inspection makes it possible to inspect the system without any heavy excavation work.

What are the benefits?

  • Accurate diagnosis. A pipeline inspection through video allows pros to check your pipes and diagnose system problems with greater accuracy.
  • Updated tools and equipment. The tools and equipment they use enable them to detect the source of leaks and create the right approach.
  • Speedier solutions. A video inspection results in a speedy resolution to your plumbing woes. Pros are able to find out the extent of the damage and find the best way to resolve the problem in the best and quickest way possible.
  • More information. The video inspection doesn’t just make it easier for plumbers to deal with current problems; it also gives pros an accurate take on how long the project will take.
  • Prevention. Prevention is better than the cure. Ask pros about doing a video inspection of your pipeline to look for problems. Pros will use this opportunity to catch minor problems and address these issues before they turn into bigger ones.

How do you choose a plumber?

Find out more about the state of your pipes without an excavation. Pick a firm that offers sewer video inspection in Loudoun County like Freedom Plumbers. Request a trained and experienced plumbing contractor for immediate service.


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