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Options In Portable Hand Washing Stations For Childcare Facilities

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Plumbing Fixture Installation And Repair

If you supervise or run a daycare facility you know how important it is to have hot and cold water available for little hands to get clean. However, converting buildings to include running water, plumbing systems, drains and sewer lines in every room is simply cost-prohibitive.

This is the reason the top daycare and childcare center are turning to portable hand washing stations. These units allow the staff to move the sink area where it is needed, or even have one for every room. With this level of versatility and the low cost compared to renovations, this is still a very cost effective option.

More to the Design
Top developers of portable hand washing stations specifically for use with smaller children have thought of a wide range of different features and design options. These extra touches in our opinion and the opinion of the adults working in the facilities add to opportunities for use with the kids.

One unique idea is to combine an activity play table with a portable sink. With a large surface around the sink and table top design where kids can sit or stand with comfort, and you have a portable art and science lab at your fingertips.

With the water right there for quick clean ups, to wash hands after touching items, or to just have the water to complete craft projects or simple experiments, life is much easier for everyone.

Baby Changing Stations
Another brilliant idea for childcare centers, day cares, nursery rooms for groups or churches, or even for a camping area is portable hand washing stations combined with baby changing stations.

The baby changing table is mounted beside the sink but separated by the protective frame that surrounds the changing space. This allows immediate access to the sink without having to step away from the infant.

Also, to add to the convenience, this combination of portable sink and baby changing station has storage areas underneath for the fresh and used water containers as well as for storage. As these doors can be locked it is very safe for use in any type of setting.

It is amazing all the features available in these practical and ideal portable sink options. There are designs with food prep areas, with more than one basin, and even those designed with different heights of sinks perfect for toddlers, kids and adults alike.


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