Improve Your Hot Water Flow With a Tankless Water Heater

by | Jan 10, 2014 | plumbing

The most common water heating system used in both homes and businesses is a tank oriented water heater. These systems use natural gas or electric heating elements to raise the temperature the stored water. Once the water reaches a preset temperature, a series of temperature sensitive switches work together to turn the heating system on or off as the water temperature requires. Domestic water tanks typically hold forty gallons of water, but can be found in sizes from twenty gallons up to one hundred gallons. Water stored in a tank tends to take longer to heat because of the larger mass of the water. You may notice this when your home water heater runs low and you have to wait at least an hour before the water is warm enough to be usable.

Unlike tank based water heating systems the newer inline water heaters heat quickly while providing the home or business with a consistent flow of heated water. There are several times when this could be a benefit. For example, when filling a large tub and the tank based hot water runs out it would be nice to have a Tankless water heater that doesn’t quit. Another place where full time hot water is a boon is the family shower. There is nothing worse than trying to take a shower and running out of hot water and any family with a few kids understands this little hardship.

Surprisingly, the Tankless water heater is not an extremely complex system and the basic principles are similar to the actual water heating tanks we use today. By eliminating the large storage tank the size and complexity of the system drops. Now all the heater has to handle is flash heating the water before letting it flow out of the pipe. The water is rapidly heated in a miniature boiler, usually made from copper because it transfers heat so quickly. Most contractors like First Call Plumbing will gladly let you know when your home would benefit from extra inline water heaters. Since the water volume is continuous using a single source for heated water might strain the hot water supply, especially if multiple people have fully opened valves. Likewise, having two or more tanks allows you quick access to hot water anywhere in the home by spacing the tanks where the water is needed the most.




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