How to Get the Most Out of Your Trenchless Sewer Replacement

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Plumber, plumbing

Trenchless sewer replacement in Seattle, WA, can be an easy way to get your sewer repaired in this traditionally wet area. The process involves creating a resin-soaked “sleeve” that is ballooned inside of the existing damaged sewer lines. The process saves homeowners the trouble of digging trenches in the yard to replace the sewer line. In very wet areas, this is a good option because sometimes the soil erodes during pipe replacement when trenches are required. Sometimes it’s just too muddy in the first place to dig trenches.

How to Find a Qualified Repairman

Anyone can do an internet search to find a repairman for trenchless sewer replacement Seattle, WA. But really finding someone qualified to work in precarious sewer situations can involve a bit of extra effort. While an internet search is a great place to start, customers in need of trenchless sewer replacement Seattle, WA, could benefit from digging a little deeper and using their networks to find out who has experience in their area. It’s also a good idea to check on the business certifications of the potential contractors as well as their reviews.

Getting Ready to Have the Pipes Fixed

You will obviously need to set aside a day or so where you will not use the plumbing in your house. This can be a fun excuse to plan a mini-vacation or just book a hotel for a day or two. You may want to line your halls with plastic or drop cloths so that the plumbers can get in and out of the house easily. Then, certify whether you will be using felt or fiberglass pipe liner with your plumber and verify how long the resin he uses takes to cure. It can take anywhere from four to 24 hours, so be prepared.

All in all, the process isn’t too much of an inconvenience considering what a broken pipe does to a yard. It may take up a couple of afternoons at most, but in the end the original pipe will be replaced with a sturdy new one.


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