Hire The Right Plumber For A Bathroom Remodeling In Collierville TN

by | Oct 20, 2015 | plumbing

Once the choice has been made to take the leap and remodel the bathroom. The choice of the design is easy, but the installation and choice of quality fixtures and plumbing should be discussed with a professional plumbing company. A Bathroom Remodeling Collierville TN can be an exciting opportunity to have a luxurious bathroom and increase a home’s value. Attempting plumbing connections, changes and installation with the help of a certified plumber, could devalue the overall price of the remodeling project. In addition, leaks could easily occur within the walls and floors creating a hazardous condition of mold and rot.

A toilet, for example, may look like a very easy thing to install into a bathroom. Many individuals believe the toilet just gets bolted to the floor. In a small part, that is correct to assume. The truth about a toilet installation is it includes a wax ring, ventilation to the outside from the gas that can accumulate in the drainage pipes. The floor can rot around a toilet and then the metal plate that the bolts actually attach to will need to be removed and the floor replaced. This metal plate will have to be re-installed. Toilets also need to sit properly in order to work properly. A toilet that is not set properly will continue to operate and not remove the waste from the bowl.

Another consideration for a Bathroom Remodeling Collierville TN is how to disconnect and reconnect faucets. Special tools are needed to reach into the tiny location where they are connected to the sink. If the plumbing needs to be relocated during a remodeling job, improper ventilation from the drain could lead to a home being filled with the gasses from the septic system. This is not only unpleasant; it is also unhealthy to the occupants of the home.

It’s important to place the money for a bathroom remodeling project into quality products as well as quality plumbing assistance. Drain Go Plumbing offers free estimates for any plumbing job. They also offer 24/7 emergency service. For more information on plumbing and bathroom remodeling information, please feel free to visit the website.


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