Get rid of blockages with hydro jetting

by | Nov 14, 2011 | plumbing

The term hydro jetting is pretty much self explanatory. It is a technique to use water propelled at high pressures to clear out the path inside pipe lines, drains and sewage connections. It is generally used in cases where the pipe lines are blocked due to some debris.

Why is it necessary?

The blockage of pipelines can cause severe issues in your residential or official buildings. A clogged sewage drain can cause foul smell to fill the building and create discomfort to the inhabitants or employees. The blockage of drainage pipe lines can cause backflow of water which will then soil your interiors. Imagine what might happen if sewage water was to backflow into your apartment.


Hydro jetting has a dual advantage unlike common rodding or using a plunger. It not only clears the debris due to the high force of the water but also washes it away with the stream. Using a rodding technique may clear the debris at one place, only to have it accumulate in another position. But make sure that after clearing a pipe line with hydro jetting you do the proper maintenance. As they say, prevention is better than cure.


The hydro jetting equipment may be too expensive and impractical for every individual to purchase and keep at home. You can call professional plumbers have these equipments with them. The hydro jetting machine has a powerful nozzle which operates at high pressures of up to four thousand psi causing the clog in the drain to come loose.

The technology is capable of removing almost all kinds of blockages from your pipe lines very easily and saving you from a lot of trouble.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting


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