Fix Your Clogs or Leaks With the Help of a Local Plumber in Murrieta

by | May 23, 2014 | plumbing

Plumbing disasters are a pretty common problem with hundreds of homeowners facing issues they may never have dreamed of. For instance, a broken water main can be extremely costly with water spewing all over the lawn. In most cases the homeowner is still expected to pay for the used water and in some instances they can even be fined for excessive waste depending on the local ordinances. Then there is the cost of repairs to the broken line. Unless you happen to be experienced with plumbing repairs then the problem is probably out of your league. This is where the experience of a local plumber in Murrieta can come in handy.

Household plumbing problems can be just as difficult. For example, locating and repairing a leak requires skill in finding the source of the leaking water and then making the repairs. In cases where the water leak is inside a wall or under a floor the problem is difficult to see and just as difficult to fix. To make this job a little easier the local plumber will us some acoustic tools to help them out. These tools allow them to listen for sound variances within the walls and pinpoint where the repair needs to be made. Of course, the type of repair will depend on the type of pipe used in your home. Old pipes like iron will probably need replaced while newer materials like PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or copper can often be spliced.

One of the toughest problems faced by any local plumber in Murrieta is a clog in the pipes. Clogged drains can occur for many reasons but some of the common ones include hairballs or grease and food clogs. Sometimes these can be fixed with chemical solutions, but this could affect your sewage system or septic tank. In many cases these clogs are in the pipe trap below the drain and are fairly easy to repair. In other instances the clog is further down the line and needs the help of a tool such as the pipe snake. This tool is a flexible auger used to push through the clog. If you find your home in need of a plumber you may wish to discuss the problem with an expert like Kent Plumbing to discover your options.

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