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by | Apr 25, 2014 | plumbing

Most people have heard shocking stories regarding inefficient plumbing personnel who are rude, slovenly, and inept. This article provides tips and tricks to find quality professionals at an affordable price. Avoid the nightmare of an inept plumber and the hassle of trying to figure the work out oneself by following these guidelines when searching for quality professionals in the area. Besides being discriminatory in one’s search, there are also specific questions to ask when interviewing potential maintenance professionals.

Some plumbers handle basic repairs while others install plumbing systems into homes and businesses that are being remodeled or new homes. For example, the professionals at Hanna Heating Air Conditioning & Plumbing have the knowledge to handle basic repairs and install new systems. It is always good practice to be specific in the type of plumber needed before moving further with the search; disappointment and frustration at choosing the wrong kind of plumber is likely without a proper search.

Besides asking for references from friends and family members, homeowners can check their local listings and newspapers for service advertisements. After gathering a list of up to five plumbing businesses in the area, start dialing or typing. Homeowners can call the businesses or check through their state’s licensing board to see whether the business has a license. If it does, check whose name it is in and what the license number is. Get rid of the businesses that do not have a license. Ones that do are guaranteed to be competent since the plumber has to go through a background examination, finger prints, and a competency test before obtaining the certification.

After narrowing the list down to three or so competitors, obtain bids for the project. Before doing so, ask whether the plumber charges per service call. If that is the case, then ask for an over the phone estimate. When they are bidding, ask about references, existing complaints, and insurance plans. Take all of these factors into consideration before choosing a plumbing professional. At the very least, accidents or damage that occurs on the property can be the homeowner’s responsibility if the contractor does not have liability insurance or worker’s compensation. Armed with these tips and questions, any homeowner can find a quality plumber to perform needed repairs or installations.




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