Examples of Common Services Offered By Professional Plumbers

by | Nov 11, 2013 | plumbing

Modern plumbing is quite the marvel. Although human beings have been building plumbing systems since before the days of the Roman aqueducts, most homes in the United States did not have full house plumbing until after World War II. Today, it’s difficult to imagine having to go out to a well or pump to obtain water for almost every home use. Or, to think that most people used outhouses instead of keeping flush toilets in their homes. With the increased use of plumbing and fixtures in houses, there came a need for the training of professional Plumbers.

When your drains clog, or pipes leak, plumbers seem like a lifesaver. These professionals are well-trained and must be licensed to perform work. If someone is not licensed, he or she is not truly a plumber. For complicated jobs, you want to trust the real deal for making sure that everything is done right and meets building codes.

Plumber can also install water heaters. A new water heater can save you significant money in the form of less electricity used. Modern water heaters are made to have an insulating layer between the tank and the tank’s liner. Less energy is needed to store the hot water as a result. Some plumbers can also install a tankless water heater.

In the winter, you may need emergency services from a plumber in order to thaw a frozen pipe. It’s never a good idea for you to try to do this task on your own, because you risk thawing the ice too fast. Water expands in the pipe as ice melts, and if this occurs too quickly, the pipe could burst. A plumber can also provide services to winterize your pipes and fixtures so you won’t have to worry about this happening at all.

Before hiring a plumber, check around with the Better Business Bureau and any local plumbing associations to find out more about the contractors work and reputation. In today’s connected world, there no reason to go flying blind when hiring repairmen for your home. Many are aware of this fact, and work to maintain their reputations. Visit us at Advantage Service Company, Inc. to know more.



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