Don’t Let Plumbing Contractors in Minneapolis Take Advantage of You

by | Feb 5, 2016 | plumbing

Most plumbers are dedicated to helping their customers. They know their business is built on word of mouth. They don’t want negative information circulating about them out there. Others, though, don’t really seem to care. They are more interested in making money right now than they are with the longevity of the business. Don’t let any plumbing contractors in Minneapolis take advantage of you.

License and Insurance Verification

Always ask to see their license and insurance information. If they get offended or they won’t show you, don’t work with them. You shouldn’t feel bad asking them to verify they have the right credentials in place to do the work for you. If they aren’t licensed and there is a problem, you aren’t going to have any recourse. If they don’t have insurance, you may be held liable if they cause damages in your home or they get hurt while performing the work.

Boosting the Bid

You should always get a written estimate before hiring any plumbing contractors. This estimate needs to be specific about the work to be done. It should include material costs and labor costs. Don’t hire anyone who says they can give you a quote over the phone. They should be willing to come to your home and complete an estimate for free.

There are times when a plumber starts the job and then they discover something more they have to do. They couldn’t include it in the estimate to start with, but now they are asking you to authorize the payment for additional work. Make sure you carefully look at this need and ensure that it is verified before you pay for it. Sometimes, those who are unethical will give you a lower price to get the work, with every intention of increasing the overall cost by the time they are done.

You Didn’t Contact Them

Never allow any plumbing contractors into your home who just show up. They may be telling you people in the neighborhood have had trouble with their pipes and they would like to do some work for you in order to prevent such issues at your home. A professional plumber will never just show up at your home. You should immediately call the police if this happens.

Payment Issues

Never give a plumber or other repair person cash money for the job. There is no way for you to verify you did so. You should always pay them with a check so there is a paper trail. If you must pay them in cash, get a receipt from them on the spot. Don’t allow them to take the cash and tell you they will get you a receipt later.

Don’t pay for the job upfront and then wait for them to return to do the work. You may never hear from them again! Depending on the size of the job, you may be required to pay a down payment when they start. Then you will pay a bit more at regular intervals as they reach certain agreed-upon milestones.


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