Don’t Let a Messy Situation With Your Sewer Put You in a Bad Mood

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Plumber, plumbing, Sewage

Something is seriously wrong with your sewer system. The ground around your house is getting really soggy. You can’t blame it on rain. You’ve had a good stretch of sunny, warm days. To make matters worse, there’s a terrible smell that is lingering outside. It smells like it’s coming from a septic tank. You don’t have a tank. You have a feeling something bad is going on with your sewer lines. Your toilets are working, but you can’t ignore a problem this big. You need to get to the source so you can fix it. Experts in trenchless sewer in Jonesboro, AK, can be your compass.

You Need to Find out Why Your Sewer System Isn’t Doing Its Job

Your sewer lines are supposed to whisk away the waste without anyone ever thinking about it. Everything goes on underground. If your property is getting boggy and has a bad smell, you are probably dealing with a break in your sewer line. Your trenchless sewer in Jonesboro, AK, repairs will use their specialized equipment to identify the source of your leak. Depending on what they find, they’ll let you know if they can repair the section that is causing you trouble or if they’ll need to replace your line.

How Is Trenchless Sewer Repair Work Completed?

Your professionals in repairs for trenchless sewer in Jonesboro, AK, will capture footage that will show them the source of your sewer issues when they insert a camera into your line. To do so, they’ll dig a hole at a point where they can send it in. Once they get a look, they’ll either coat your sewer lines with a strong substance known as resin that will harden. It will make your sewer line as good as new. If your damage is more significant, they can bring in a new sewer line. it will be put in place beneath the surface, instead of through a trench.


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