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Commercial Plumbing Systems Differ From Residential Systems in 3 Key Ways

by | Oct 23, 2018 | plumbing

As a plumber, you learn that not all plumbing systems are the same, and there are several key differences between a commercial plumbing system and a residential plumbing system. Some companies specialize in one or the other, but Rooter Plus is happy to have technicians that can service both. Our commercial plumbing systems are available in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area.

Residential plumbing systems aren’t the same as commercial plumbing systems, even though they share some similarities. So, what are the three key differences between the two? There are three main differences that we will go over in this post.

Number 1: The Size of the System

Obviously, most commercial buildings are larger than residential buildings which means the size of the plumbing system is also going to be larger. Due to this larger size, a commercial plumbing system usually requires additional pipes and outlets. Commercial buildings like restaurants have to provide sinks and toilets for customers while also providing sinks in the kitchen and bar areas. They may also be running larger industrial sized dishwashers. It is a lot more stress on the plumbing system than is seen in a residential setting.

Number 2: Multiple Floors

Most residential buildings are capped at three, maybe four floors, but a commercial building can have dozens of floors (some even have more than 100!) Although most plumbers won’t ever work on a building the size of the Empire State Building, it is possible that they will have to work on a multi-floor commercial plumbing system that will require bathrooms and kitchens on every floor. In the Atlanta area, there are buildings with over 50 floors, and those types of buildings require an expert in commercial plumbing systems.

Number 3: Different Problems and Different Codes

Commercial plumbing systems come with their own set of problems, different from what you would find in a residential setting. This different set of problems will require the plumber to understand a different set of solutions, all while remembering the various building codes for a commercial building.

RooterPlus is capable of handling your plumbing problems, and we are happy to offer commercial plumbing services in Atlanta, Georgia. We have all the skills necessary to handle your plumbing issues no matter the size or scope of the problem. Plus, we are also available for routine maintenance of your commercial plumbing system, like cleaning and inspecting your systems


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