Choose Pipe Lining to Make Your Repair Job a Much Easier Process

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Pipe Repair And Replacement, plumbing

A broken sewer line or water line is something no one wants to deal with at home or in a business. The concept of plumbing is very simple. You’re supposed to be able to flush or turn a knob. When you do, everything should work. End of story. If you have flooding on your property or in your cellar, you know some kind of leak is the problem. You could be looking at something small or a break. You need your lines to be intact. You can do it the old-fashioned way with an excavation project to get to your pipes. Otherwise, trenchless pipe lining in Perry, IA, can help you to go in another direction.

Get Positive Results with Pipe Lining

Trenchless pipe lining in Perry, IA, can help you to fix your pipes without actually replacing them. It’s a much more economical approach. It’s also non-invasive. Pipe lining applies a resin to your affected pipe. The resin hardens until the broken area is whole again. You can use this method for small breaks, cracks, and leaks. Instead of digging up the length of the pipe and forcing you to replace that section, pipe repair professionals choose a location where they can enter your pipes underground. They’ll insert a special tube into the problem area. When the tube is inflated, the resin on the outside of the tube will provide a coating to the inner walls of the pipes. In the end, it will be like getting new pipes.

Fix Only What You Need to When You Have Pipe Trouble

Video footage is used to perform trenchless pipe lining Perry IA. When your pipe repair team has a picture of the exact site where there is trouble with your pipes, they’ll begin the pipe lining process. 24 hours after your repair job, your pipes will be reliable once again.


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